Wireless / GSM Based IoT Projects

  1. A Simple IoT Project with the ESP8266 WiFi module: Here is a simple project with ESP8266 wifi module.This project colects the temperature and is displayed on the network.
  2. IoT Candle: This project shows a beautiful candle using WIfi Module and RGB light .
  3. IoT Smart Bulb: A RGB bulb that monitors the can be that can be enabled using a wifi module is explained in this project.
  4. AWS IoT Remote Soil Moisture Monitor: A soil moisture monitoring system using IOT is proposed here.A ESP8266 Wifi module was used here to connect the system to the internet. Thus the state of the soil moisture can be measured from anywhere in the world.
  5. Smart Security Solutions based on Internet of Things (IoT): The proposed system uses RFID or biometric technology for access control system.This is a wireless system.Inputs from the user are processed inside the controller and if they are valid access is given and the details of the user are transferred to the PC using Wi-Fi module.
  6. A Design of the IOT Gateway for Agricultural Greenhouse: In this project a green house monitoring and control system was proposed.Iot acts as a gate way for public network and wireless network.
  7. Design and Control of Internet of Things Enabled Wireless Sensor Network: The paper proposes an IoT based monitoring and control of domestic conditions like temperature, humidity, pressure, current etc. with the help of a low cost wireless sensor network. The system continuously monitors and measures the parameters using sensors and transmits the data over internet. A remote mobile based application can access the data and control the devices.
  8. Multidisciplinary Model for Smart Agriculture using Internet of Things: The agriculture industry in developing nations still needs to be modernized and can be done by implementing latest technologies for better production, cost efficiency and distribution. In this article, the concepts of IoT, wireless sensor network, cloud and mobile computing and big data analysis are integrated to develop a smart agriculture system. Different entities like soil health, fertilizers, weather etc. are informed to the farmers.
  9. An Internet of Things Approach for Managing Smart Services Provided by Wearable Devices: A wireless sensor network based autonomous physical condition performance system is presented which includes several elements of the IoT like smart phones, watches and physiological monitoring devices. Bluetooth and wireless sensor network enable the integration of the wearable devices and the smart devices. The system collects the data from the physiological devices via Bluetooth and suggests a series of physical activity to improve fitness.
  10. Internet of Things based Controlling of Appliances using GSM/GPRS Enabled Embedded Server for Remote Access: The aim of this paper is to implement a smart way to control home appliances using IoT and GSM or GPRS. IoT is the brain of the system as an IoT agent transmits the data to the GSM module after receiving the appropriate data from the user over the internet. The communication to the GSM module is via SMS commands and can be replaced by GPRS technology.
  11. Internet of Things Based Architecture of Web and Smart Home Interface Using GSM: The smart home system uses GSM and internet for controlling the home appliances.It can be monitored from anywhere in world.Commands from the web server are converted into GSM commands and sent to the receiver.This controls the appliances.
  12. Internet of Things Based Architecture of Web and Smart Home Interface Using GSM: A prototype of smart home controlling system based on IoT and GSM technologies is presented here. In this system, a remote web server is used to monitor and control household devices using internet and GSM-SMS technologies. The user commands from the web are interpreted by the IoT agent and are converted into GSM-SMS commands. The microcontroller decodes the SMS commands and communicates with the respective device.
  13. Secured Smart Healthcare Monitoring System Based on IoT: A PIC microcontroller based smart and secured health monitoring system is developed using the concept of IoT. The microcontroller acts as a gateway to the sensors like temperature, pulse, etc. by collecting the data from them and transferring it to a server through internet. The data is accessible by the doctor and during extreme conditions, a warning message is sent to the doctor via GSM module.
  14. Intelligent Traffic Information System Based on Internet of Things: A real time traffic information collection and monitoring system for improved road transportation is proposed here. The architecture of the system employs Internet of Things (IoT), Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), RFID, GPS, cloud computing etc. The proposed system is based on IoT and the data collected from large number of sensors and RFIDs is transmitted wirelessly. IoT helps in improving traffic conditions, safety, efficiency and cost of implementation.
  15. Internet of Things Based Smart Transportation Systems: The concepts of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) and Internet of Things (IoT) is used in the proposed system to implement a smart transport system. One of the best applications of the proposed system is in car parking management. RFID, parking sensors, parking meter, road sensors etc. all communicate over the internet and resolve in finding a parking spot and issuing tickets. The system can also be extended to traffic monitoring as well.
  16. Internet Of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing for Agriculture: The technologies of IoT and Cloud computing are integrated for the agriculture sector. Along with the above mentioned technologies, other technologies like wireless sensor network, RFID, geomatics like GPS etc. are used to develop a wisdom based system. With the help of this system, farmers will be able to distribute their products to a wider area of customers. The supply chain management will be controlled by the farmers and corporate sector can provide assistance via cloud computing.
  17. Sensor Technologies using ZigBee and RFID within the Cloud of Internet of Things in Healthcare Applications: A cloud of Internet of Things (CIoT) system is proposed where the objects in the network can be identified and located in real time. The emerging technologies like ZigBee, RFID, wireless sensor network and IoT are integrated to provide knowledge management system in hospitals. Each object is associated with ZigBee / RFID tags and the system will collect, manage, process and store data for health care purposes. The system provides a visual interface for different operational decisions.
  18. Analysis of RFID Application for U-healthcare System in Internet of Things: Wireless Sensor Nodes like RFID tags, NFC tags and other sensor nodes are the main focus of the IoT. Smart health information system utilizes such sensor nodes as a part of the wireless network in hospital environment. The article focuses on the security and vulnerability of the RFID system when used in an IoT application.
  19. Green Campus with the Internet of Things: The concept of Internet of Things or IoT is implemented to construct a green campus environment which helps in saving the energy by managing the heavy power consumption devices like air conditioners and work station computers. RFIDs and ZigBee modules along with temperature sensors act as the wireless sensor network. The computer’s idle time is monitored and based on the temperature, the air conditioners are turned on or off.
  20. Wireless Sensor System According to the Concept of IoT -Internet of Things: This system monitors the sensors wirelessly. Sensors state can be monitored from anywhere and at anytime in the world.

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